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Recovering Document(s) If Cabinet SAFE Hangs Or Closes Abruptly


You are working in Cabinet and the application hangs or closes out abruptly, have I lost my work? Is there any way to recover these document(s)?


If you're on a Windows machine, you can browse to a particular directory to find any files you are or were working on recently in Cabinet. This can be extremely helpful if something causes your computer to crash, Cabinet hangs and says "Not Responding," or many other possibilities arise.

1.) The directory path can be seen in the image below:

2.) You replace the username cpowers with your Windows username in both spots of the path above, if you're not manually browsing to the directory.

3.) If you're going to manually browse to that folder, you must turn on Hidden Items so the folder AppData will be seen. It is hidden by default.

4.) Anywhere in Windows Explorer, click the View tab, and make sure the Hidden Items box is checked.

5.) Finally, once inside that folder, you'll see something like this:

6.) In the image above, the most recent Microsoft Word document I was working on is able to be recovered and re-opened. Be sure to click the Date Modified button to sort this directory by Date Modified to give you a better idea of what you were working with during the time you ran into a problem.

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