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Performing a Folder Import in SAFE

Use the following guide to import new folders or to update the indexe values of folders existing in SAFE. Note: this process requires an import file in ".txt" or ".csv" format containing columns that match the cabinet's folder indexes. 

1. Log into SAFE.

2. Open the Cabinet into which you would like to import folders or update existing folder index values.

3. From the Folder Toolbar select "Tools">>"Folder Actions">>"Indexes">>"Import Folder Indexes".

4. Use the Windows Browser window to navigate to and select the import file. Click "Open". The "Folder Import" Window will appear.

5. Follow the five steps as they appear in the window to create folders or update existing folder indexes.

    A. Step One: Select the import file. This should be populated with the path to the import file selected in #4.

    B. Step Two: Select the "Repository", "Cabinet" and "Folder Security" for the folder indexes. 

    C. Step Three: Use the drop-down lists to the right to link the folder indexes to the appropriate columns in the import           file.

    D. Step Four: Choose to either "Update Existing Folder Matches" or "Skip All Existing Folder Matches" during the import         process.

    E. Click "Start Import" to commence processing.

6. Check to make sure that the folders and index values populated correctly.


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