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How to split a PDF that is already in Cabinet


Is there a way to split a multipage PDF into separate documents in Cabinet SAFE?



Yes. There are two ways to split a PDF and refile it to Cabinet SAFE.

 Split a PDF using Adobe Acrobat

1. Navigate to and select the document you wish to split.

2. From the document toolbar, click "Tools" and select "Export." 

3. Select a location to export (Desktop, My Docs, etc.).

4. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat.

5. Highlight the pages that make up the first document you wish to split and right click.

6. Select "Extract Pages." The "Extract Pages" window will appear.

7. Make sure that “Extract Pages as Separate Files” is unchecked and that “Delete Pages After Extracting” is checked. Click "OK" and save the extracted pages to a Windows location.

8. Follow the same steps for the remainder of documents that need to be split.

9. Select the newly saved PDFs and drag them to appropriate folder in the appropriate Cabinet. Use the correct naming template for the documents you are filing.

10. Finally, delete the original PDF in Cabinet after confirming the new documents are in Cabinet SAFE and named correctly.


Split a PDF using Cabinet Batch

1. Navigate to and select the document you wish to split.

2. From the document toolbar, click "Tools" and select "Export."

3. Select a Windows location to export (Desktop, My Docs, etc.).

4. In Cabinet SAFE, click "Batch" from the button panel.

5. Click "File" from the toolbar and select "Open."

6. Navigate to the PDF that you previously exported.

7. Select "Yes" when prompted with the choice to split the PDF.


8. Thumbnails representing each singlepage PDF will appear in the Batch "Toolbox" panel.

9. Select the image(s) you wish to file as a PDF. Hold CTRL to select multiple pages.

10. From the Batch Filer, select the proper "Repository", "Cabinet", "Folder", and "Tab."

11. Select the "Naming Template" and index the document.

12. Click "File Document."

13. Follow the above instructions for the remainder of the split pages.


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