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How to OCR PDF's Already in Cabinet


Is there a way to OCR PDFs that have already been filed in SAFE?


Yes. Use the follow setups to OCR all previously filed PDFs.

1. Select "Search" from the SAFE Toolbar.

2. From the "Cabinet Search" window, click "Cabinets" from the toolbar.

3. Under "Step One: Choose Cabinets to Search" select "All" repositories and click "Add". A list of all cabinets that the user has access to will be added to the search.

4. Under the "Document Search" check "All cabinets".

5. Use the "Max. Results\Cabinet" to enter the maximum number of documents to include in the search results.

6. Select the "Advanced" tab.

7. Enter the following values to build the search query.

    A. Filter By: Extension

    B. Condition: Exact Match

    C. Value: PDF

    D. Operator: AND

8. Click "Add." The search criteria will populate in the "Create Search Criteria" window.

9. Click "Get Results". All PDF documents will be listed in the "Document Search Results" window.

10. Click "Select All" below the document list.

11. Select the "Tools" menu from the search results toolbar and click "Change Image Format." The "Change Image Format" window will appear.

    A. Select "PDF" from the "New Format" drop-down field.

    B. Select "Adobe" from the "New Document Manager" drop-down field.

    C. Check the "Replace Current Image in SAFE" checkbox.

    D. Click "Convert." The resulting PDFs are searchable.

    E. Click "Exit" to close the "Change Image Format" window.



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