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Sync Cabinet Batch Images With Server


User needs to have their images in Cabinet Batch 'follow' them around.  If a user scans in documents into Cabinet Batch there may be a need to stop the filing and pick it back up at a later time and/or from a different computer.  


Cabinet Batch has the ability to sync the images to the server. By turning on this feature, all images queued in Batch will be synchronized with the server.

To enable Batch Sync, a Cabinet administrator must first define a location on the Cabinet server to store the Batch documents. Once this has been configured, the setting must then be enabled in SAFE for each user who will use this feature.


Define a Batch Storage Location

1. Log into Cabinet Management as an administrator from the Cabinet Server.

2. Select "Settings" under the "System" menu at the bottom left of Management window (see attachment, "Management Batch Sync.JPG").

3. Select the "Options" tab, then click the "Paths" subtab.

4. Set a path relative to the Cabinet Server where the scanned Batch documents will be stored.

5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the Settings window.


 Enable Batch Sync in SAFE

1. Login to Cabinet SAFE.

2. Click "Batch" in the button panel at the lower left of the SAFE window.

3. Select "Options" from the menu bar at the top of the Batch window.

4. Check the checkbox "Synchronize images with server".

5. Click Save at the bottom of the Batch Options window.

Synchronization may take several minutes depending on your connection speed and image file sizes. 


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