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Make Annotations Permanent on a Tiff in Cabinet SAFE

By default annotations that are applied to a Tiff in Cabinet SAFE are modifiable. Annotations that have been made permanent, cannot be modified or removed from the document. Use the following steps in order to apply a permanent annotation to a Tiff image. 


1. Double-click a Tiff in SAFE to open the image in Imageman, Cabinet SAFE's onboard Tiff viewer and edit application.

2. Use the annotation tools in the toolbar to apply annotations to the image.

3. Click “Make Annotation Permanent” from the toolbar.

4. Save and close the document.


Note: Annotations must be made permanent prior to combining Tiffs in order to be included in the final document. For instructions on how to combine Tiff images in SAFE, see "Combine Images in SAFE" in the eBizDocs Knowledgebase.


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