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Email Notification With Document Creation

An email notification can be triggered when a new document is created in Cabinet. The notification can be sent with or without the newly created document attached to the email. Additionally, the subject and body of the notification email can be customized.

Note: Email Notification Settings must be configured prior using the email notification feature. See "Configure Cabinet Email Notification Settings" in the Knowledgebase.

Use the following steps to setup email notifications for newly created documents.

1. Log into Cabinet Management.

2. Select "Templates" from the "Document Settings" submenu.

3. Select the template used to create new documents, and click "Edit."

4. Click "Next" at the bottom of the template window to navigate to step 4, "Options: 4 of 5."

5. Under the "Post Creation" tab

    A. Check the "Email" box from the "Export" submenu.

    B. Enter an email address for the notification.

6. Click the "Email Options" tab.

   A. Enter a desired email subject and body.

   B. Select whether or not attach a copy of the created document to the email notification.

7. Click "Finish" to save changes and close the template window.


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